Apply to be a PAC Member

Please email to apply to be a member of the Political Action Committee. Applications for the 2017-2018 PAC are now open!

2016-2017 PAC Members

  1. Andrea Jackson
  2. Stacy Gillespe
  3. Kiran Savage-Sangwan
  4. Ryan VanZuylen
  5. Mathew Nielson
  6. Athena Gliddon
  7. Denny Mangers
  8. Mandy Lee
  9. Maya Wallace
  10. Elaine Verbarg
  11. George Raya
  12. Alan LoFaso
  13. Rosanna Herber, Chair of PAC

2015-2016 Members

Dennis Mangers
Alan LoFaso
Rosanna Herber
Mandy Lee
Maya Wallace
Timothy Knox
Evan Minton
Elaine Verbarg
Patrick M. Le

Ex-Oficio Advisors:
Paul Curtis
Paul Weubbe
George Raya
Nate Pelczar

2014-2015 Members

Jann Dorothy
Evan Minton
Elaine Verbarg
Dennis Mangers
Paul Curtis
Rosanna Herber
Charlene Jones
Alan Lofaso
Kim Angulo
Paul Wuebbe
Sam Catalano

 PAC Meeting Minutes