On Monday, November 13th the Sacramento Stonewall Democrats hosted Mona Pasquil, Appointments Secretary for California Governor Jerry Brown.

Mona Pasquil is one of the most powerful women in state government. As Appointments Secretary, Mona recruits, screens and advises the governor on applicants for top key paid staff positions, high level boards such at the California Public Utilities Commission or High Speed Rail Commission or to the hundreds of volunteer boards that keep our government moving. Mona is the key to making that happen. Secretary Pasquil shared her insights on the appointments process and tips for individuals interested in serving on public boards and commissions.

Interested in applying for a government appointment? Email PAC@sacstonewall.org for more information on what Stonewall can do to help.

Sac Stonewall’s December meeting will be a Holiday Party! Stay tuned for date and location for the party!