By: Gary Miller

Of all the currently LGBT elected officials in the entire nation, Gary Miller has served the longest.  He was the first LGBT elected official in Sacramento County and the first in red Placer County.  For over 30 years, he has been serving on local school boards.

He is up for re-election this November and needs your help.  In 2016, the Republicans sent out a hit piece against him saying he was “destroying” their values.  This year a Republican leader has decided that Gary will be #1 target for defeat.

We cant allow Placer County homophobes defeat this LGBT champion, who has been working for our rights since 1968.  He needs your help.  Check out his website at and donate to his campaign.  His endorsements include Stonewall Democratic Club, Delaine Easten former state Superintendent of Pubic Instruction and the Roseville Teachers Association among many others.