Media Release: Two Anti-LGBT Actions by Trump in a Single Day; Sac Stonewall Denounces Both Moves

CONTACT: Jann Dorothy,

SACRAMENTO— In two separate actions announced on Tuesday, the Trump administration signaled its hostility to LGBT Americans, first by denying their existence in the decennial census and then by issuing an executive order that will allow federal contractors to discriminate against LGBT employees.

In the first action, The White House submitted the categories it will collect for the 2020 Census. Although sexual orientation and gender identity were proposed categories in a previous version, the version submitted Tuesday removed any reference to the nation’s LGBT population.

In the second action, Trump signed an executive order that eliminates protections for LGBT federal workers, opening the door for employers to discriminate against LGBT employees in their workplaces. As recently as February 3, multiple news sources reported that Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, Mr. Trump’s daughter and her husband, a senior advisor to the President, had urged Mr. Trump to refrain from taking such a step. Their advice was apparently short-lived given today’s action against LGBT employees.

“Trump is showing his true colors, despite all the pro-LGBT happy talk he floated while he was a candidate,” said Jann Dorothy, President of the Stonewall Democratic Club of Greater Sacramento, one of the largest LGBT political clubs in California.

“It’s ironic that at the GOP convention last year, Trump said, ‘As your president, I will do everything in my power to protect our LGBT citizens from the violence and oppression of a hateful foreign ideology,’ Too bad he won’t protect us from his hateful domestic ideology,” she continued.

Reactions to Trump’s two anti-LGBT actions today have been swift and pointed in their outrage. “Trump on ‘Campaign to Erase Gay People’ Groups Say reads the headline from Newsweek.

“Trump Guts Obama Order Protecting LGBT Federal Employees” reads another.

The Stonewall Democratic Club condemns these unconscionable actions by the Trump Administration. We call for public officials everywhere recognize the discrimination experienced daily by the LGBT community. We stand against bigotry in all forms, but especially the bigotry expressed by the Trump administration in these callous and disgraceful actions taken today.


The Stonewall Democratic Club of Greater Sacramento is one of the largest Democratic clubs in the region and in our nation. We work toward Democratic values for all.