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The Next Phase

By: Tim Kamermayer I am terrible at saying goodbye. I loathe the closure and ending of it all. But, it goes far beyond just being a participant. It is something about that final transitionary moment that seems to cause great […]

Letter from the President

By: Tim Kamermayer Friends, Welcome to the quarantine era. I say that bit tongue-in-cheek, but it really does feel like a turning point in our society. The temporary shelter at home has exponentially been extended and only recently has the […]

Politics and Pandemics

By: Matt Nielsen Politics and Pandemics – How the Covid-19 outbreak underlines the need for drastic reform The Covid-19 pandemic has been as much of a socio-economic disaster as it has been a medical one.  With businesses forcing to close, […]

Education as advocacy

By: Kim Angulo On April 14, 2020 the Sacramento Stonewall Democrats welcomed Mari Wrobi to our Zoom membership meeting to give do an “Intersex 101” workshop. Mari, a queer, trans and intersex advocate born and raised in Sacramento, talked with […]

From Gary Miller

By: Gary Miller Of all the currently LGBT elected officials in the entire nation, Gary Miller has served the longest.  He was the first LGBT elected official in Sacramento County and the first in red Placer County.  For over 30 years, he […]

Why our community should vote

By: Jackie Smith Moment(um) Webster’s dictionary defines the term “Momentum” as a. The force or energy exhibited by a moving body. b. The driving force or advancing strength of a development or course of events.  Since the first rock was thrown at Stonewall 50 years ago our community has been a relentless, driving force of a course of events that have led […]

Apply Here

Apply for our Stonewall Academy! Our application is online NOW! And it’s easy… If selected, you get a candidate training by the Victory Fund Institute for FREE as a member of Stonewall. That’s a $1K valued training courtesy of “The […]

August 2019 Action Item

Support ACR 99 California Assembly Concurrent Resolution (ACR) 99 is a collaborative effort by Assemblymember Evan Low and a group of LGBTQ leaders and Christian pastors to address the practice of conversion therapy in California.  ACR 99 reiterates that the […]