On October 10, 2018 the Trump administration proposed changing federal immigration rules about “public charge.” The current rule allows immigration officials to consider whether an immigrant applying for permanent residency is likely to become a “public charge.” Trump’s proposed rule change would automatically disqualify any immigrant for permanent residency who has ever received public benefits, including Medicaid, food stamps, and Section 8 housing.

The federal government is currently accepting comments on the proposed rule change. Stonewall encourages you to make your voice heard by submitting a comment opposing the proposed change. You can read details about the rule change and submit a comment here: https://www.regulations.gov/document?D=USCIS-2010-0012-0001

You are welcome to write whatever you wish in the comments. The Children’s Partnership has a template you can use if you’d like some help forming a comment.

The deadline to submit comments is December 10, 2018.