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Welcome to Stonewall’s Action Center.  Want to get involved? Questioning how to deal with the current administration? Here are resources that YOU can use TODAY!

The Stonewall Advocacy Committee will be meeting on Thursday February 28, 2019 at 6pm at Kupros, 1217 21st Street, Sacramento. All current and prospective members of Stonewall are welcome. RSVP via the Facebook Event!

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January 2019 Action Item

The EGUSD will be voting TODAY on whether or not to adopt the LGBTQ-inclusive K-8 History and Social Science textbooks. Show to up have your voice heard!
When: 6:00pm
Where: 9510 Elk Grove-Florin Road, Elk Grove, CA 95624
What: Elk Grove Unified School District Board Meeting
Who: Anyone who supports the inclusion of LGBTQ people and our history in education


The Elk Grove Unified School Board (EGUSD), the 5th largest in California, is in the process of adopting new K-8 Social Science and History textbooks. These textbooks comply with CA state law requiring LGBTQ-inclusive content. The School Board has been receiving public comments opposed to the adoption of the textbooks because of its LGBTQ-inclusiveness. On December 23, 2018 Sacramento Stonewall sent a letter to the School Board Members expressing our support for the new textbooks.

We in the LGBTQ community need to make our voice heard by showing up at the EGUSD School Board meetings, voicing our support during the Public Comments period, and sending emails and letters to School Board Members in support of the new textbooks. Here’s how you can get involved:

Email the EGUSD Board Members to express your support for LGBTQ-inclusive textbooks and let them know how inclusive textbooks impact you or your children or what it would have meant for you growing up to see yourself reflected in the lessons.

Attend an EGUSD Board Meeting, held the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month at 6:00pm and express your support for the LGBTQ-inclusive textbooks during the “Public Comment” period. For schedule and location, visit The Board will likely be voting on final approval of the proposed textbooks in late February or March, but members are encouraged to attend any EGUSD Board meeting to express support for the new textbooks.

  • Talking Points for use during Public Comment period or prior to vote on Textbook action item

November 2018 Action Item

On October 10, 2018 the Trump administration proposed changing federal immigration rules about “public charge.” The current rule allows immigration officials to consider whether an immigrant applying for permanent residency is likely to become a “public charge.” Trump’s proposed rule change would automatically disqualify any immigrant for permanent residency who has ever received public benefits, including Medicaid, food stamps, and Section 8 housing.

The federal government is currently accepting comments on the proposed rule change. Stonewall encourages you to make your voice heard by submitting a comment opposing the proposed change. You can read details about the rule change and submit a comment here:

You are welcome to write whatever you wish in the comments. The Children’s Partnership has a template you can use if you’d like some help forming a comment.

The deadline to submit comments is December 10, 2018.

Year-Round Action Item

As of March 1, 2017 all single-use restrooms in any business establishment, public accommodation, or government agency must be identified as gender neutral. Stonewall has created the letter below for community members to deliver to establishments that still have “male” and “female” single-use restrooms. We recommend that you edit the form letter below and attach the language of the new law to the letter. Together we can make the Sacramento area more open to members of our community!

Link: AB 1732 Bill Text

Link: Form Letter

Run for office or seek appointment

Please contact Matthew Nielsen, PAC Chair at The PAC is developing a Boards and Commission program that will launch in the Summer. By the Fall, Stonewall intends to have a training developed for LGBTQ people who want to run for office.  Use this handy guide that shows all the upcoming races in your zip code.

Represent Stonewall and participate in an event or march!

If you are interested in participating and organizing a Stonewall contingent for an identified event in our calendar below, or a new one, contact Tim Kamermayer at We have a handy checklist and supplies to ensure your participatory success!  Help us inspire others by taking charge.

Arm chair activist?

  1. ONE CALL A DAY: 5 calls a week will move mountains.  Two US Senators, one Congressmember, one State Senator, one State Assemblymember. We have incredible power by making this simple, quick daily call. Politicians take note if they get 10 calls on an issue.  Imagine the impact of hundreds!
  2. Learn how to write a letter to the editor or how to call your representatives.
  3. PERSONAL RAPID RESPONSE TEAM: Form a personal team with friends (this is how protests at local airports were organized after Trump signed the Muslim ban).
  4. JOIN! Your membership in Sac Stonewall means we can do more at a local level.  Encourage others to join us too!  Sign up online for emails.
  5. SUBSCRIBE: Support and use at least one trusted news source: PBS, New York Times, your local newspaper, etc. A strong and independent media more important than ever. Share stories on facebook, twitter, especially fact-based stories.
  6. HAVE SOME FUN, TOO- It’s serious business, but have some fun too.

Want More? 

Check out our Resolutions and Media releases!

Sign up for mobile alerts and  follow our very own email alerts concerning the administration’s current activities.  Find nearby events with representatives  Focus on re-distribution of clustered liberal resources to red state Dems and progressives.     sign up activists in safe CDs to canvas in the nearest swing district.  lists business tied to Trump family with alternatives that do not.

If you are new to politics, you may want to learn how the political process works. The INDIVISIBLE Guide was written by Washington legislative staffers to provide strategies for fighting the Trump agenda, and engaging with our members of Congress and Senators. While this Handbook is geared towards the Federal level, many of these insights apply to our local  community. Check it out:

If you don’t know who your elected officials are, you can find them below:

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