Our Mission

The mission of the Stonewall Democratic Club of Greater Sacramento is to advance equal rights for all people, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. We will support public policies that advance that mission in the United States, the State of California, and the greater Sacramento area.

We help elect to public office qualified Democratic Party candidates who are openly lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender, as well as allies who support equal rights for the LGBT community.

We will work to sensitize and educate all Democratic candidates and office holders, the Democratic Party in general, and the community at large, to the issues and concerns of the LGBT community. Conversely, within the LGBT community we will promote the Democratic Party’s broad message of economic justice and social equality.

To achieve this mission, the Stonewall Democratic Club of Greater Sacramento will work:

  • To lead our party to improve its record and speak out on issues of importance to the LGBT communities, and to work for the nomination and election of Democratic candidates, including qualified openly LGBT candidates.
  • To achieve diversity in our membership and our governing bodies.
  • To elect openly LGBT people to local office and to achieve appointments of openly LGBT people to city and county boards and commissions in the greater Sacramento area who will be fully supportive of our fight for equality and against bigotry and intolerance.
  • To take a position on candidates and ballot measures.
  • To register voters who support the Club’s mission and encourage their participation in the electoral process.
  • To educate LGBT communities and supporters about the equal rights issues we face, as well as assist them with those struggles.
  • To collaborate with other LGBT groups and individuals to promote our mission of equality.
  • To aid other local grassroots Democratic Clubs in the greater Sacramento Area, and our non-gay allies, in order to advance the prominence of openly LGBT people within the Democratic Party.


  • We wrote, presented, lobbied for, and won unanimous city council  passage of the City of Sacramento Equal Benefits Ordinance.
  • We have championed advances in anti-discrimination in our schools, equal partner benefits, and anti-harassment policies in local and state government.
  • We have the attention and respect of Sacramento’s community leaders.
  • We engaged full member participation in all of our endorsement processes.
  • We helped elect the first openly gay Sacramento city councilmember and West Sacramento Mayor, in addition to prioritizing LGBTQ candidates at all levels

Bylaws and Policies